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Streetcar Cookie Tin of New Orleans Pralines

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New Orleans Pralines Southern Pralines


10 Pralines

Streetcar Cookie Tin filled with New Orleans Pralines

A New Orleans Praline, what could be better than that? Try a reusable Streetcar Cookie Tin filled with New Orleans Pralines. Each New Orleans sweet comes individually seal wrapped, and placed inside of the reusable Streetcar cookie tin.

About the Pralines

The perfect gift that brings the flavor of New Orleans to you or your friends and family.

  • Reusable New Orleans Streetcar Tin
  • 10 Fresh Individually Wrapped Pralines
  • Made to Order

History of Praline Candy

This southern sweet is as old as New Orleans itself. The New Orleans praline was brought to America by French settlers but adapted to suit the local ingredients. Exchanging almonds for pecans, and adding cream. The New Orleans incarnation of the praline is made with the perfect ratio of cream, sugar, and pecans from recipes passed down for generations.

The Pronunciation of "Praline"

Praline pronunciation - Most people in New Orleans pronounce praline, "praw-lean." And people from the North say "pray-lean". You can pronounce the name however you like, they still taste the same!

A New Orleans Praline is one of the best desserts in the south, and are very hard to make. Keeping the sugar from crystallizing, and the batch at the right temperature. At we have been making these delicious treats for generations, and are pretty good at it. Order a Streetcar Cookie Tin filled with New Orleans Pralines today!

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 4 in


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