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Cajun Recipes

Easy Recipes featuring Pralines (and other New Orleans style masterpieces!)
We’ve been busy in the test kitchen, designing recipes that highlight the New Orleans Creole and Louisiana Cajun style of cuisine.

New Orleans Recipes

From beginners to gourmets, everyone will appreciate our exclusive quick tips, simple tricks, and over-the-top culinary presentations. Choose an easy to follow recipe that features all of the specialties we offer, along with hints and suggestions on how to create something special of your own. We are constantly adding to our collection, so be sure y’all come back here and try any new praline recipe that we have added. You can also like our Facebook page to get updates in your news feed.

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Each meal should be an adventure for you, and for those eating your meals. Every night your family should look forward to their meal. Don’t serve a bland dinner or lackluster sweets to your family. Give them a special treat each time you emerge from the kitchen. With the sweet smells and delicious foods of New Orleans. These Cajun recipes are the cure to break the monotony of the dinner blues.

Gooey Praline Butter Cake

Gooey Praline Butter Cake Recipe This rich praline butter cake starts out with an ordinary box of yellow cake mix. That is where ordinary ends. This cake is so moist and rich, a little will go a long way. For added praline flavor, crumble some of your favorite flavored pralines on top. Praline Butter Cake…
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Pecan Praline French Toast Recipe

Pecan Praline French Toast Recipe This easy recipe for French toast uses our Praline Topping instead of regular syrup, making this classic dish extra special for the next time you need something easy and impressive for your family or guests. Praline French Toast (or also know as "Pain Perdu" in Creole French). Praline French Toast Ingredients:…
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Praline Coffee Cake Recipe

Praline Coffee Cake Recipe This simple, made from scratch, Creole version of the ordinary coffee cake shows how the rich praline flavor, and crumbly praline streusel topping transforms it into something new and different. The sour cream helps the cake retain moisture and gives a slight tart contrast to the Praline Coffee Cake sweetness. Praline…
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Pecan Praline Irish Style Oatmeal Recipe

Pecan Praline Irish-style Oatmeal Recipe This oatmeal recipe calls for McCann's Steel Cut Oats. These are the highest quality oats, with the outer husk removed, cut into small pieces. These 100% whole grains have a rich, nutty taste by themselves. Instead of adding sugar or other sweeteners, add your favorite flavor praline to compliment this…
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