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Pecan Praline French Toast Recipe

Pecan Praline French Toast Recipe This easy recipe for French toast uses our Praline Topping instead of regular syrup, making this classic dish extra special for the next time you need something easy and impressive for your family or guests. Praline French Toast (or also know as "Pain Perdu" in Creole French). Praline French Toast Ingredients:…
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Praline Coffee Cake Recipe

Praline Coffee Cake Recipe This simple, made from scratch, Creole version of the ordinary coffee cake shows how the rich praline flavor, and crumbly praline streusel topping transforms it into something new and different. The sour cream helps the cake retain moisture and gives a slight tart contrast to the Praline Coffee Cake sweetness. Praline…
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Pecan Praline Irish Style Oatmeal Recipe

Pecan Praline Irish-style Oatmeal Recipe This oatmeal recipe calls for McCann's Steel Cut Oats. These are the highest quality oats, with the outer husk removed, cut into small pieces. These 100% whole grains have a rich, nutty taste by themselves. Instead of adding sugar or other sweeteners, add your favorite flavor praline to compliment this…
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Pecan Praline Bacon Recipe

Pecan Praline Bacon Recipe Salty, sweet with a little spice is the best way to describe this simple twist to ordinary bacon. Serve Pecan Praline Bacon as a side dish for breakfast or brunch. You may find yourself needing to make another batch, as it will quickly disappear and become one of your family's or…
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